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Helping you make compliant payments in an industry riddled with regulations

Tools to make your life easier:
  • Make direct-deposit payments via credit card or ACH bank transfers to the medical professionals you work with
  • View full profile of each medical professional to understand Fair Market Value for the specialty, location, and experience of the expert before you pay
  • Use online document management tools to collect digital signatures on NDAs and contracts, and track attestation of experts on required training, so that you are only paying compliant medical professionals
  • View real-time reports of all completed and pending payments to every expert
  • Export all payment data with the click of a button into a CMS Open Payments-ready file to facilitate rapid and accurate disclosure under the Sunshine Act
Advantages of using Plexuus:
  1. Lower your risk of improper CMS disclosures, and reduce your risk of paying more than Fair Market Value
  2. Save money by using fewer FTEs on financial and document management activities
  3. Improve your relationship with medical professionals by streamlining and accelerating back office functions they don't have time or patience to navigate
  4. Save time and increase accuracy when collecting documents from professionals, making payments, and creating CMS-ready payment disclosures
How Plexuus maximizes your efficiency:
  1. Plexuus takes care of registering each of your medical professionals, and ensures the completeness and accuracy of their professional profiles
  2. Plexuus will manage the attestation and contractual agreement process for each medical professional, and provide easy to view audits so you know the compliance status of each participant in real time
  3. Make payments to any medical professional via credit card or with an ACH transfer from your corporate bank account

You look out for your patients
Let Plexuus look out for you

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